Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Beginnings

July was a busy month! We finished out our jobs in Norman and Cacey finished his classes for grad school. We made the big move down to San Antonio last Saturday, and have had a busy but fun first week!
Cacey was busy getting his classroom ready and attending new teacher orientation this week. He met the rest of his team that he'll be working with this year. Everyone has been so friendly and have really made us feel at home! Cacey just left this morning for their staff retreat in Comfort, TX. Please be praying for him as he continues to plan for this year. He has been given lots of information in a short amount of time and is still trying to process/remember everything. He loves ISA so far and is really excited about teaching there!
I have been getting our "boarding room" at my parents' house organized and looking homey. We've looked at some houses with my mom and found a few that we are interested in. I've been assisting my mom with realtor things this week and having a blast spending time with her!
It still feels like we're just visiting, and I'm sure it will take a while for i
t to feel like this is our home. As many of you know, we love to find new places to eat/hang out and we have found 2 already that I didn't even know about. One is called Local Coffee and it is great! (Kind of like Gray Owl for your Norman peeps) We also went to The Cove last night which was incredible. It is very "Austinesque" (I just invented a word), with lots of yummy organic food (including the best sweet potatoe fries ever!!), and live music!
So far we are loving San Antonio! Come visit us!